AAPEX Armor Co.



Aapex Armor Co is an Armor and Tactical company that is designed from the ground up to be the one stop shop for everything the LEO, Military, and Private sectors are using today.


Aapex Armor Co. espouses to the same ideals as its parent company Aapex Manufacturing LLC – Our strong emphasis on quality, coupled with our intense desire for disruptive innovation has led to several projects developing products and materials that stand to change the world. We marry our capabilities in distribution and manufacturing, allowing us to supply an inventory of Aapex products as well as a growing list of Partner Products and services that all equally feed and build on each other.


Aapex Armor Co. is best known in the industry for our work with the groundbreaking Proprietary Resin that is seen in our Armor solutions for the modern warfighter and has amazing capabilities as a stand alone armoring or up-armoring on several vehicles and platforms. The amazing ballistic potential, as well as its Thermal and Conductive properties, opens its usage to innumerable opportunities in areas such as Construction, Gas & Oil, Agriculture, and Aerospace.


Our Strong partnerships with several companies in Optics, Tactical Gear, Medical Equipment, Training, Clothing, and Firearms to name a few, allow us to take projects in all facets of the Defense world – From supplying Government entities to gearing up the average Joe, Aapex Armor is dedicated to providing industry leading gear and services.